Our Team

The Board of Directors is a passionate group of leaders who have
coalesced around the idea that young professionals in government matter. 

The Board consists of eleven voting and one ex-officio member and is divided into the Executive Board and the Managing Directors. 

The role of the Executive Board shall be to set the organization’s vision, identify the organization’s objectives, maintain and monitor compliance and ethics, and provide fiduciary responsibility. The role of the Managing Directors is to manage the organization’s daily operations in order to achieve the organization’s vision, operationalize the organization’s objectives into actionable steps to be implemented, and serve as the liaison between all members, Friends of YPG Network, and the Executive Board.


Executive Board

Adam C. Jarvis

President & CEO


Vincent Pinkney

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer


Chief Financial Officer


Noelle Suarez-Murias

Chief of Strategy & Impact

Andy T. Kidd

General Counsel



Managing Directors

Eugene Neubert

Rotating Advisory Council Representative*



Director of Development

Info & Application



Director of Membership & Recruitment

Katie Lillard

Director of Partnerships & Events


Director of Social Impact


Director of Marketing


* denotes a non-voting, ex officio member.


Director of Professionalism & Conduct

Info & Application