Membership Details



Who Can Join?

Individuals 21-39 years of age, who are:

  • A current, full-time local, state, or federal government employee that live or work in our service area (see service area map);
  • An employee at a public institute of higher education; OR
  • A student enrolled in a public or private university or college, working for a federal, state, or local government institution in the Greater Nashville Area. 

Why Join?

YPG is the first nonpartisan young professional organization for government employees in the Greater Nashville Area. We're committed to providing our members with professional development, community service, and networking opportunities that will ready you for your next career move. Plus, you get:

  • Discounted tickets to events
  • Access to Networking events
  • Leadership opportunities 
  • Access to resources and information specific to government employees


Is YPG for me?

YPG is for young leaders in government who are looking for more - of themselves, and of their communities. YPG was developed with the purpose of becoming Nashville’s premier professional development and networking association for young professionals in government.

YPG is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that is representative of federal, state, and local government employees in the Greater Nashville area. 

Why is there an age restriction? 

Research tells us that members are more likely to actively participate and become engaged with an association that they feel represents them.  As a result, we want to provide the best experience possible by serving a targeted demographic so we can have a bigger impact on our members and community.

The Greater Nashville Area has numerous other professional associations, for all age groups, that we encourage our members to also become part of.


What's our 'service area'? 

You are eligible for membership if you live or work in: 

YPG Service Area.png
  • Cannon
  • Cheatham
  • Davidson
  • Dickson
  • Hickman
  • Macon
  • Maury
  • Montgomery
  • Robertson
  • Rutherford
  • Smith
  • Sumner
  • Trousdale
  • Williamson
  • Wilson