We have our regular membership meetings about once a quarter and rotate between lunch and evening meetings. We offer a range of other events on a minimum of a monthly basis; however, members attend the events that their schedules allow. 

We rotate our events from month to month between community service activities, networking, and professional development. We also partner with other young professional groups and the events they are hosting. The times and locations vary with the activities. For example, we had a community service event on a Saturday morning, we'll have a membership meeting during a lunch hour after the first of the year, happy hours after work, etc. 

We rotate our events, the times, and locations to try to be accommodating to all members. Members do have to complete a set number of hours and/or attend a set number of events throughout the year to remain an active member. 



    • Attend at least one (1) Chapter Affiliate meeting over a member’s 12-month membership cycle;
    • Attend at least one (1) professional development workshop or training opportunity over a member’s 12-month membership cycle
    • Attend at least two (2) Chapter Affiliate events (including but not limited to social event, networking opportunity, continuing education opportunity, etc.) over a member’s 12-month membership cycle;
    • Submit to the YPG Director of Social Impact at least 4 hours of community service completed within a member’s 12-month membership cycle. 


    You are eligable for membership if you live or work in one of these counties: 

    • Cannon
    • Cheatham
    • Davidson
    • Dickson
    • Hickman
    • Macon
    • Maury
    • Montgomery
    • Robertson
    • Rutherford
    • Smith
    • Sumner
    • Trousdale
    • Williamson
    • Wilson

    Research tells us that members are more likely to actively participate and become engaged with an association that they feel represents them.  As a result, we want to provide the best experience possible by serving a targeted demographic so we can have a bigger impact on our members and community.

    The Greater Nashville Area has numerous other professional associations, for all age groups, that we encourage our members to also become part of.

    Why is there an age restriction?