Professional Development



YPG is committed to providing impactful professional development opportunities to our members. 

The Chief Development Officer oversees and arranges workshops, training, and continuing education opportunities to provide members with opportunities to strengthen their knowledge and expand their future employment opportunities.

The Chief Development Officer works with the Director of Partnerships and Events to identify, engage, and arrange professional development opportunities.  This includes opportunities with other professional organizations, associations, and institutions of higher education.

Community Impact

YPG and its members tirelessly work to give back to the community in which we live and work. The Director of Community Engagement oversees all philanthropy and service opportunities. Each YPG member is required to complete at least four (4) community service hours each year. The Director of Community Engagement works to provide members with opportunities to actively contribute to the Greater Nashville area. 


We get it. Between work, community service, professional development, families, etc. you're ready for some fun. So are we! That's why we dedicated a Executive Board member to ensure that YPG members have opportunities to network, connect, and engage with other members and the community at large. 

Leadership Opportunities 

We know that young professionals in government are constantly looking to take on additional responsibilities in their spheres of influence.  There are many opportunities to lead as a Board member, serve on a committee, and more, to help share the future of our unique organization.

Special Events

Throughout the year, YPG hosts and partners with other organizations to provide our members with social and professional gatherings . YPG members receive special discounts to paid events.