Everyone deserves a professional community to connect, learn, and serve.


We’re your community. YPG is Nashville's only nonpartisan community of local, state, and federal young professionals in government.



We love to get to know new people! YPG provides its members with unique networking opportunities with fellow members and the community at large. From your typical happy hour, to more formal events, YPG is the perfect place to meet and connect with young professionals working in government. 



Leaders are lifelong learners. Part of our mission is to provide our members with the opportunity to continuously learn and grow. We are dedicated to developing excellence in the young professionals serving in government. YPG works hand in hand with government agencies,other nonprofits, and partners to provide exciting and relevant professional development opportunities for our members.


YPG strives to positively impact our surrounding communities by paying it forward and leading by example. YPG hosts and encourages participation in community service and philanthropic opportunities in the Greater Nashville Area.


Let's Get Social!